Well, we are off to a great start with our website. So far, we have had about 100 viewers elsewhere, not just school, view our site. Our site is packed with awesome content; videos, pictures, comics, chat, and we are hoping, games too. Back on the subject of our viewers to the site, around 100, according to Google Webmaster. Hey! It is a start. Wikipedia, one of the Internets’ most viewed websites, reels in a whopping 2,000,000 a day! And to think that this website started with only 50-200 people. Wow. Help us break that and tell your friends about us.

We are always submitting in new content. HELP US! Got something funny? (But doesn’t cuss and what not?)  TELL US! And we guarantee it will be on within 2 days. Videos, funny lyrics, or comics, are all ways in which you can help.

Be sure to check our site whenever you can. You can do a lot there. Bookmark it, E-Mail it, put in on your My Space, website, or any other form of whatever.



2 Comics have been planed and scripts are being written for November. We are doing a thanksgiving special and an “Elmo Goes to the Asylum” comics. Both are set to release this month and both may have continuations.  These are extremely funny comics that are going out and we cant wait to release them. Aaron, Spencer, JD (he’s been hanging out with us a lot and giving us a lot of ideas so you can count him too), and Evan (not really Evan, but hey, who cares!) had thought hard on what do for these comics. Colorful posters of Elmo destroying cities may also be released, but depends on if Spencer wants to spend another half an hour drawing these.

Remember the schedule: We stop making comics for one week, then we go for two weeks, then stop for one. Repeat process.



We have released our disclaimer and privacy policy at our website. You may find it at our front page at the way, way, way, way (Almost There), way, way bottom. It will be updated every month.



Go to our website and ask on the chat page. Either Aaron or Spencer will be there to answer. Can’t get to our website? IT IS: or just type EFW Comics into Google and click the first result.

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