Welcome to the official Website of EFW! This page was created to follow up on Elmo's progress in the election. Elmo's campeign has been going, well, rather different...

I is for the interviewer, and E is for the Elmo (in red).

Here is the written format of the last debate:


I: Mr. Elmo, could you ple-
E: No that's PROFESSOR Tickle M. Elmo!
I: Anyways, Elmo, tell us about your foreign policy.
E: Elmo no foreign! But that might be a different for big bird though.

I: No, Elmo, foreign policy.

E: Elmo does'nt give a crud about policies. Elmo want to change subject to healthcare.

I: You can't do that, Elmo.


I: Can I have Security!?

E: Hold the Security, Elmo just tryin' to make a statement. Just keep popin' your retarded questions.

I: What are you going to do about the confict in Iraq?

E: Are you trying to imply that Elmo has inner conflict?

I: No, I'm not talking about your inner conflicts Elmo.

E: Yo, Mr.Moderator, don't give Elmo those lines. Elmo feelin dissed! Cookie monster will now take my place in debating now.


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